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"I hope that this website can preserve some fond memories of a past era, before the Web, when bands played music, Seattle was cool and labels didn't care." -Frank Harlan, Creator of Bombshelter Videos

before "grunge" there was bombshelter videos and a lot of great bands rockin' this town!

Bombshelter Videos premiered in Seattle,Washington the first Thursday in November 1987 (more than two decades ago) on KSTW-TV11based in Tacoma, WA. Producer, Frank Harlan contracted to purchase a weekly infomercial slot at 1:00 AM on Thursday nights for 52 weeks. His plan was that the show would be produced and aired with advertiser dollars...ahh, that's another story...

However, even being aired on Thursday in late night time slot, Bombshelter generated 25,000-40,000 weekly viewers from all over the state of Washington and into Vancouver BC. Every Thursday night, from November of 1987 through October 1988, late night TV viewers got something you couldn't find anywhere else, host Bill Bored called it,
"UndergroundGarageBandArtThrashNoiseMusic" Videos. Needless to say, that at the end of the 52nd week, Bombshelter Videos contract was not renewed, due to the "program's controversial content".

A few months later Bombshelter found a new home on KTZZ-TV22 ( a local UHF station that was also broadcast on Cable channel 10). Bombshelter Videos and Harlan's other regional themed program, NorthWeast Rock aired on KTZZ from May 1989-Sept 1994.

Early episodes of Bombshelter Videos premiered, now famous, alternative rock bands like Sonic Youth, Nine Inch Nails, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden. BSV even produced and aired the first Sub Pop TV commercials ever. It was for Soundgarden’s “Screaming Life” EP (1987).

Archive: Promotional Photograph, 1992

Archive: Bombshelter Promotionsl Photograph, 1990

bill bored's bombshelter videos created a cult-like
following of late night fans that credit the programs
weekly broadcasts for playing a significant role, in exposing
them, to what ultimately became known internationally
as "grunge" and the "seattle music scene".

History Note: Before the Bombshelter Video’s Seattle premiere in November of 1987, Frank Harlan originally began producing and developing the series in Sepetember of 1984 as a 1-hour format for independent UHF TV Station Channel 22 in Anchorage, Alaska. After being released from his position as program producer and late night Video Jock, he found himself taking refuge at the local Community Access facility in Anchorage. While there he experimented with the format and created sketch comedy-style TV commercials to fill in the blanks (like a real TV show). Once he decided to develop the program for broadcast television, he began working in a 30 minute format that included six minutes of commercial breaks (1 minute less than usual).

Writing, shooting and editing gave Harlan a lot of practice knocking out 30-second spots on the cheap, which can be observed in the commercials created for Seattle-based program sponsors. Harlan says, “Even though all of the viewers tuned in for the bands and their videos, a majority of the fan mail always praised the TV commercials.”
The video clip below features commercials of Bombshelter Videos sponsors and includes premiere TV commercials for KCMU 90.3 FM, KNDD 107.7 FM and Scarecrow Videos! Plus, Joey Kline's U-Coffee, Tattoo Emporium, LUNA, C/Z Records as well as promo for Bombshelter and the unforgettable program opening that viewers saw every week featuring the song people are still sing whenever they bump into Bill, "Bomb Shelter" by Naked Raygun.

Bill Bored turned 50 (in 2009). So, does that mean that Punk Rock is finally dead!? Hope not.

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"Okay, This internet thing was pretty much non-exsistent when Bombshelter Videos was on the air. It's funny to me that more than a decade after we retired the series, we get email. Email! We are flatered that music lovers in the "know", know about our projects."
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