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Bill with "Shredder Orpheus" producer, Robert McGinley

More Bombshelter BS is a lot of stuff that's not that important. Read on if you got nothing better to do...

We've gotten emails with all kinds of questions like, "Was Bill ever in a band?", "Aren't you the guys that did those NW Band Trading Cards?" and "Where can I watch old episodes of Bombshelter?", hopefully this page can give you some answers.

Frank Harlan - Bill Bored Trading CardFrank Harlan - Bill Bored Trading CardDid You Know?

In 1987 Bombshelter Producer, Frank Harlan produced the first TV commercial for Soundgarden's Screaming Life EP on Sub Pop and premiered live concert footage of Alice In Chains as well as premiering music videos by Sir Mix-a-lot, Nine Inch Nails and many pre-Grunge rejects from MTV.

Trivia Notes: Bill Bored collectible trading cards (above and right).Only 1,000 of each was released to the general public in 1992. You got one?

Rumor has it that they're worth up to $35 bucks if the card is in excellent condition. Pretty cool...

Who the hell are the the Clyng-Onz?
(And, who gives a shit?)

Way back in 1985 Bombshelter Videos Producer, Frank Harlan was the front man for Alaskan punk band, the Clyng-Onz. Together they produced a cassette only release entitled, "Hey Twerp!" and an Album they called, "Lighten Up". The Clyng-Onz created music videos from several songs on their one and only vinyl release including, "Let's Get Juvenile", "Environmental Song", "Bum" and "Strange Ranger"..

Click Here to check out all the Clyng-Onz Music Videos!

Photo (L to R): Stu (drums), Jiz (guitar/vocals), Loui (bass/vocals), John Bullhead (Bullhead Records) and Frank (vocals).


Bombshelter Videos
Wall Paper


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Experience This!

Since Paul Allen opened his Experience Music Project (EMP) there has been a surge in information gathering regarding Bombshelter Videos. Not because it plays role in the museum, but for the fact that it does not. Frank Harlan donated nearly 3,000 alternative rock videos collected from 1984 to 1994. About 300 were from NW Artists.

There was also 100+ Episodes of Bomshelter Videos and several episodes of another series we also produced called NorthWest Rock. Plus, all of Bill's skateboards including a Moto-board, an Alva and a Zorlac with Trackers and Kryptos of course. And, a classic Roller Derby with loose ball bearings and steel wheels in primo condition!

Some day I hope to begin posting all episodes of BSV and NWR. If you have the skills and would like to donate the time to transfer Masters and Submaster VHS, Betacam and 3/4" Videdo tape to a digital format please Email Me. Thanks, Bill.

"I think Bombshelter Videos not being recognized for its role in Seattle's "Grunge" phenomenon by the creators of EMP proves that the Musical Underground is still alive. And, it continues to thrive by doing what it has always done, challenging and constantly changing the true history of music."

~Frank Harlan

"...EMP is an amazing venue for live music and a great introduction to music in general. I love the building! Lots of great bands in the Liquid Lounge too, I take out of town friends there regurarly."

Shredder Orpheus
Movie Trailer

Shredder Orpheus(1990) is a surreal low budget film directed by Robert McGinley. This version fuses modern skate-punk culture with the Orpheus legend, and is set in a bleak near-future America. The legend of Orpheus and Eurydice, previously chronicled in "Orpheus" (1950) and "Black Orpheus" (1959), unfolds again in the post-apocalyptic future.


Robert McGinley
Megan Murphy
Gian-Carlo Scandiuzzi
Vera McCaughan

Click Here to visit Robert McGinley's web site.

Trivia: Bill Bored plays the role of videograper for the Euthinasia Network.

HYPE! (the movie)          


Doug Pray's entertaining and opinionated documentary on the Seattle music scene takes the (admittedly unusual) position that the Grunge Explosion of the mid-1990s was the worst thing to happen to rock music in the Pacific Northwest. Hype! depicts Seattle as a town where a fertile musical community with a distinctive sound and style grew largely because it was ignored by the rest of the world. Once the unexpected success of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden made Seattle the rock capital of the world, drugs took hold, opportunists scrambled for the spotlight, and cheap flannel shirts became "grunge fashion." The movie features revealing (and often hilarious) interviews with members of such groups as Mudhoney, the Mono Men, the Fastbacks, Seven Year Bitch, Tad, Girl Trouble, Gas Huffer, Dead Moon, and the Supersuckers, as well as performance footage of all these bands and informed perspectives from a number of behind-the-scenes figures. It also features a technically shaky but historically priceless clip of Nirvana's first public performance of "Smells Like Teen Spirit".

~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

Trivia: Frank Harlan's "Northwest Bands & Labels" Trading Cards are featured in this film.

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HYPE! Producer, Doug Pray ===>

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