50th Birthday Celebrations
50th Birthday Party Celebrations

Frank Harlan's 50th Birthday Bash is a very personalized program that may feature special appearances by life long friends or family members. May also include VIP’s who have opted to step up to the microphone and disclose unexpected stories or share personal experiences they've had with the Guest of Honor regarding major (and minor) milestones, as well as little bumps in the road of the Guest of Honor’s life and career.

Other friends and associates will speak through Frank Harlan after he puts a comical spin on the answers received from his "Friends & Family" questionnaire. The program wraps up with the Guest of Honor facing their guests to present a rebuttal to their wit and wisdom, followed by friends and family singing the “birthday song”, the Guest of Honor blowing out the candles and cake being served!

How ever you decide to celebrate your 40th, 50th or 60th Birthday...
You wanna do it right… Right?

A 50th Birthday celebration can be a surprise party for the Guest of Honor, or better yet, an opportunity for you (the birthday guy or gal) to showcase your musical talents or your comedic personality by creating a special performance for the people you love most… Consider inviting Frank to assist you in finding a creative and memorable way to show everyone that you’re not dead yet.


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